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I had never heard of Myofascial Release before talking to a friend that recently had a treatment with Karen, and raved about it! She described that it wasn't like any bodywork she had ever had in the past, it wasn't painful, and she got significant relief after a couple of treatments.  I was intrigued.  I called to get some info, and Karen was so sweet. She really took the time to answer all my questions about an old nagging back injury. I scheduled an appointment with her, and went in yesterday for my first session. My friend was right, the treatment was not painful. And, I feel great!                           Kathy L.


During a Myofascial Release course, I discovered I had many areas of restrictions on my head and in my mouth that were immovable to the variety of therapists working on me.  Later, when Karen did "intra-oral" work (working inside the mouth), my mouth and jaw relaxed with her gentle touch.  I no longer am grinding down on my bite guard the dentist gave me.  The work she did in my mouth and throughout my head felt like my face and head were adjusting and relaxing... something I have not felt in years!  Thank you  Karen!!           Rebecca E. 


Great services, very professional and helpful.     Candace F.


Karen Burg treated my jaw which was popping and uncomfortable for years. After the first treatment the popping ceased and I was without discomfort. She is professional, an active listener, knowledgeable and caring. I recommend Karen Burg for her Myofascial Release skills.        Jeanette A. 

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