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Meet Karen

Karen Burg, Myofascial Release Therapist

CAMTC #49491

Karen Burg is a Physical Therapist Assistant, Myofascial Release Therapist, & Massage Therapist
who has helped people get better for over 35 yrs. 
Owner, Dynamic Myofascial Release

While working as a Physical Therapist Assistant in San Diego, Karen realized early on how important the mind/body connection affected healing, and the importance of treating the whole person. She was first introduced to the John Barnes Myofascial Release approach in 1994 after her own back injury. Prior to finding a therapist that treated her with Myofascial Release, she had tried all the typical therapies where she would get a bit better, but the results didn't last. When she found a Physical Therapy clinic that only provided John Barnes Myofascial Release, it was THE game changer!  After a series of MFR sessions, she was able to return to all the sports she loved including swimming, kayaking, river rafting and sailing, pain free!! She knew then she had to learn these techniques so she could help others. Karen attended her first John Barnes courses in 1995, and has continued studying extensively and directly under John Barnes, founder of the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach, which is a safe, gentle, and very effective treatment method to reduce / eliminate pain.

In 2014 Karen became a massage therapist so she could treat the whole body in a more holistic way while continuing to work as a Physical Therapist Assistant. She started a part-time mobile MFR business working with friends and family which then propelled her to open Dynamic Myofascial Release in Clairemont to exclusively provide John Barnes Myofascial Release, and she retired from Physical Therapy.  Her approach is gentle and intuitive, assessing the whole body, being mindful of your symptoms, but also looks elsewhere for the cause.   She exclusively provides this form of Myofascial Release Massage & Craniosacral therapy in the San Diego area.

Karen provides 1:1 individualized hands-on therapy through a whole body approach. 


Give Karen a call at 619-823-9478 for a free discovery call.

John Barnes and Karen Burg Myofascial Release Treatments
John Barnes and Karen Burg Myofascial Release Treatment

Karen Burg and her mentor John Barnes
Myofascial Release 

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