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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Wear To Treatment?

Myofascial Release (MFR) is performed on bare skin, but being fully undressed is not necessary. Loose fitting clothing like shorts and a stretchy tank top or sports bra and shorts for women, and loose gym shorts for men. And because MFR is performed on the skin, please do NOT apply lotions or creams on the day of your visit.

Who is John Barnes?

John F. Barnes, is a Physical Therapist who developed this form of myofascial release. He has been practicing and teaching for almost 50 years. He has trained therapists, doctors, dentists, scientists and many more to utilize his myofascial release principles. 

Do You Accept Insurance?
Dynamic Myofascial Release does not accept insurance. This allows Karen to treat your entire body through a holistic individualized approach.
If your insurance has a Massage Therapy benefit, we can provide you a receipt for service.
Most Health Savings Accounts that accept "Massage Therapy" is covered, and a receipt for service can be provided.

Are Gratuities Expected or Accepted?

No.  But positive reviews on Google, social media, and referring your friends and family is much appreciated!
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If you have any questions, please contact us.

Karen at Dynamic Myofascial Release in San Diego, is ready to help you feel better!

"MFR is a journey of exploration that requires you to feel without trying to figure it out."


~Richard Harty, PT

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