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Myofascial Release Can Make You More Connected To Your Body

What your body feels like after a Myofascial Release Session
What you feel like after a Myofascial Release Session

Sometimes when I work with people I ask them...

"How far up can you feel this pull into your body?"

Some people tell me - my calves.

Some people tell me - my low back.

Some people even tell me - my neck!

If your fascia is stuck you might not feel too much, you may experience the most awareness close to my hands. But you could also feel a pull very far away too.

If you feel you don't have a great mind-body connection, your awareness may be mainly around and near my hands. If you have a deeper mind-body connection you may feel much further up into your body...into your fascial system.

I work with people who have great connection into their body and they keep coming and keep healing. I work with people who feel very disconnected from their body. But, with regular treatments, they oftentimes become much more aware and more sensitive to the fascial releases that happen. Then they get it! That is where the healing is!

Wherever you are with your connection to yourself, I meet you right where you are at the very moment we are working together!

If you come to the table with an eagerness to heal, a mindset on the end goal, make a promise that this investment in yourself is worth it, do your home program, you get this work and you WILL heal and be on your way. But on the other hand, if you arrive with a sense of nothing will ever work, how do you feel your treatment plan will go? Neither one of us want to waste the money or time with this way of thinking. I am a healer, and I care about your healing goals.

Together, in time, we can help you learn to breathe and soften and let it go. Myofascial Release can help you deepen your connection to yourself while creating more openness in your body allowing you to move with ease when you have a continuity of care.

MFR is not one and done. It is a process to deeper healing.

If you're ready to start healing, you can book your appointment now at


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