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Where your are symptoms are, is not always where the cause is! Myofascial Release finds the cause!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I love this video! It shows how your fascia (connective tissue) plays such an important role in your pain, muscle spasms, loss of range of motion in your joints, feeling tight or pain in areas that you wouldn't think are part of the problem.

Because sometimes where your "pain" is, is not where the "cause" is!

Here's an example: You stub your left toe on the coffee table when you rush to get up to answer the door. ("Oooh, my latest Amazon package has arrived", LOL)

For a week, you hobble around staying off your left toe, cause it hurts like heck.

You slowly forget about your toe pain as it's been about 10 days from when you stubbed it, but now your right knee and hip are giving you grief. You think to yourself, "Why is my right knee and hip so painful. I didn't do anything to my right knee and hip"?

So, you start using your fascia blaster, your foam roller, go get a massage or 5!, you try acupuncture, and nothing you do is getting you lasting results on your right hip and knee.

It's now 6 months from the time you stubbed your left big toe and you're frustrated. (You've forgotten completely about your toe stubbing incident) You can't go for walks without pain, sitting in the car for more than 30 minutes drives you nuts, etc.

You finally decide you can't take the pain any more, so you go to your doctor. They take some x-rays of your right knee and hip and tell you "There's nothing wrong. We can't SEE anything".

Now you're frustrated as heck. "What do you mean, nothing's wrong? I'm hurting so bad and I can't do all the activities I love to do!" Doctor shrugs his shoulders and tells you "There's nothing that can be done. Go do some stretching."

You leave there, defeated.

See, your fascia does not show up on X-Rays, CT scans or MRI's!!!!!

You finally decide to come see me for treatment because nothing else you've done has alleviated your pain for any length of time.

YAY! You're in the right place!

We must get the old running recording out of our head that says "no pain, no gain."

Myofascial Release is a very safe, GENTLE, form of bodywork that is EFFECTIVE in eliminating your pain....even if it's chronic pain!

Sound like you? Give me a call to see how I can help! 619-823-9478

Or if you're ready to start feeling better immediately, book now by clicking on the link below

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