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**Please read before you book**

I appreciate you choosing Dynamic Myofascial Release for your treatments, and want you to get the best results possible!

The "Secret Sauce" to getting the most benefit from your treatments is to BOOK THREE SESSIONS as close together as possible. (Within 10 days if possible). This helps your body's fascia from being pulled back into its' "old habits" & holding patterns.
When you think of it, you wouldn't go to just one Physical Therapy appointment and expect to have all your aches and pains resolved in that one visit.  (One can wish!)

By starting with three treatments fairly close together, you'll be able to feel the changes in your body.  It also gives us the opportunity to see how quickly you respond to Myofascial Release 
 and then make recommendations, if any, if we haven't reached all of your goals.  We suggest scheduling all 3 visits within that 10 day window to ensure we keep the momentum of your healing going. 

If you decide after your first Myofascial Release visit that this just isn't for you, (that rarely happens!) you can cancel the other two appointments without a problem.  Check out our FAQs for any other questions that you might have.

Hammock Relaxing

Myofascial Release Treatments


60' MFR Treatment - $150 

90' MFR Treatment - $205

Whether you choose the 60' or 90' treatment sessions,
Advanced MFR Therapist Karen will perform a brief visual assessment of your alignment in standing and lying down, and answer any questions you may have.
She will then continue on with the treatment session.

Follow up sessions will begin with a brief assessment of your physical alignment prior to the hands on MFR session.

MFR Treatment Packages

Packages are a great way to kickstart & continue healing!

Pre-pay for a package of six, 60 minute MFR sessions 
SAVE $100 - Price $800

Pre-pay for a package of six, 90 minute MFR sessions
Save $120 - Price $1110

To book either a 60 or 90 minute package: Click any of the  "BOOK NOW" buttons. Follow the prompts for booking. The packages are offered at the END of the booking process. 


(Please give me a call or text should you need any assistance with booking. 619-823-9478)


Tuesday        10am - 7:00pm

Thursday      10am - 7:00pm

 Friday          10am - 2:30pm


 Occasionally there may be other times & days available, so please call!