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I am so grateful to my amazing clients for sharing their experiences on Google and Yelp. Here are a few to share with you, as well as links to both.

To leave a 5 star Google Review, click the link: Google Review
To leave a 5 star Yelp Review, click the link: Yelp Review

Heather H. 

I have suffered from low-back and IT band muscle issues for years. I have tried physical therapy, cortisone shots, acupuncture, chiropractic…you name it…with little to no long-term relief. Until I tried myofascial release with Karen. Her gentle technique gave me the results I have been looking for! Karen is professional, personable, and really knows her stuff, and her office in San Diego is calming and easily accessible. I will continue to highly recommend Karen’s services to people who are looking for treatment of pain relief.

Jeanine B.

In short, all I can say is Karen is a miracle worker. I’m in recovery from a 3 level ADCF neck surgery and her expert skill and touch was truly the only modality that relieved my pain. Her bedside manner, great sense of humor and caring nature is healing to the mind, spirit and body. Her awareness and knowledge of the healing process and human body is a gift. She shares this as part of the treatment and provides instructions and tools to use at home to continue the healing process. The painful muscle spasms in my trapezius area began to diminish after my first visit and have continued to improve on a daily basis. I appreciate her and am so grateful I found her.
Ahuva N.
I had suffered for years in my right ribs from a bicycle injury. I tried many healing modalities, structural, physical, spiritual and emotional. None of them had any lasting effect.
After just one visit with Karen I experienced real relief. Of course the surprise was how much this gentle, process ignites strong emotions stuck in the body, allowing for deep healing.
Karen possesses both the professional demeanor as well as the empathic qualities to feel safe and taken care of.
I highly recommend the modality as well as the practitioner.



If you are looking for a sign to try myofascial release this is it! Karen is amazing. She is gentle, friendly, uplifting, and professional. I came in with such intense jaw pain and cramping and just one session made such an improvement. I cannot recommend her enough! 💕
Karen is incredible! She supported my body before/after my frenectomy and was one of my biggest cheerleaders. I highly recommend seeing her if you suffer from TMJ. Thank you, Karen!

Michelle O.

Noah E.

Karen has helped me so much. I have had this muscular breathing problem with my diaphragm and she has really helped loosen things up so I can actually breathe! She is so available and kind, as well as listening and really caring about her clients. I tried other modalities like acupuncture without results. Myofascial release is the best!

                                                                                                                                                         SK P.
I have had disabling chronic pain symptoms after a major car accident on the freeway over a decade ago. My entire body had patches of stiff areas and painful areas that I would notice with any activity, any kind of movement, at all times. My doctors struggled to improve my symptoms. Nothing they prescribed, no specialist that they referred me to worked at all. I spent a lot of time and money outside of my health insurance into chiropractic and acupuncture. Those gave brief relief but that's it, my body was still the same. I stumbled onto Karen's practice and MFR accidentally and I am INCREDIBLY lucky for it.Karen's techniques are gentle and do not cause any pain. I was surprised at my body's response to her healing touch. I was very skeptical after our first appointment whether I would feel benefits. However, in the short period after our first session, I started to notice some of the stuck areas in my neck, shoulders, back and hips start to have a little more movement and a little less pain. This pattern continued after each of our sessions. Each time, it seems like different areas of my body would feel more free, have more feeling and coordination, and have a little more strength. I previously could not sit more than 20 minutes w/o being incredibly stiff, stressed, and miserable. Now I can go up to an hour and I seem to recover from shorter breaks away from the chair. I am working more and performing my job better.I do not believe in miracles and magic, but I can say 100% that my progress feels miraculous/magical. My chronic pain and disability has improved drastically ever since starting therapy with Karen and over a 5 month period (6 treatment sessions). I am able to sit/stand/walk a little longer and with much less pain than before. I still have all body pain and stiffness symptoms, but I am functioning significantly better after meeting Karen.If you are reading this, I hope you can have faith and curiosity in trying out Karen. This is a real human review. Karen did not pay me or ask me for this review. Go for a few sessions, keep an open mind and stay patient with the healing process.... Karen's healing has me convinced that my body can heal from all my injuries and my future is much brighter and less scarier than before! If you are still in doubt after reading this, please google/youtube Myofascial Release, John Barnes for more info. I'm rooting for you!

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