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 Dynamic Myofascial Release

At Dynamic Myofascial Release in Clairemont / San Diego, we help you get back to what matters most...even if it feels like you've tried everything else.
Imagine what you could do if pain wasn't holding you back!

Karen utilizes the John F Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) approach to treat your aches & pains, whether they are new or from a long time ago.  Her goal is to help you reduce / eliminate your physical & emotional pain, get you moving with greater ease, and have you back doing all the things you love to do!

Evening Office View with sunset

Best Myofascial Release in San Diego! Dynamic Myofascial Release: returning people to a pain free, active lifestyle. Gentle. Natural. Safe

Conditions Treated With Myofascial Release

  • acute and chronic pain 

  • TMJ pain/ jaw pain

  • injuries 

  • post-op pain

  • myofascial pain / fibromyalgia

  • joint pain

  • hip / knee / ankle pain

  • scars (surgical, C-section, wounds)

  • back / neck / shoulder pain

  • headaches & migraines

  • connective tissue disorders

  • mystery pain

  • sports injury 

               ....and many others!


Monday          10am - 5:30pm
Tuesday          10am - 7pm
Wednesday    10am - 5:30pm
Thursday        10am - 7pm
Friday              call for availability
Saturday         call for availability

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