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How We Can Feel UNDER The Pain and Have Authentic Healing; Pain Relief; Trauma Healing With Myofascial Release

Updated: Mar 10

Feeling Under the Pain

Guess what? Did you know that tuning out your pain can be a mode of survival? We have learned throughout our lives that we can consciously or unconsciously shut down when we have a moment of trauma or injury. We can thank our brain and central nervous system for that. It can help to save us. The trouble with this though, is that many times, that shutting down process can create a host of other problems later on.

So during treatment, we talk a lot about “tuning in” and feeling into the sensations. I may ask you to feel where my hands are and keep your attention there. Sometimes, those sensations can mimic old injuries or traumas. You may feel aching, pain, burning, tingling shaking etc.

When this happens, we as the skilled therapist talk about “feeling under the pain” These pain sensations are signals. We don't want you to label the sensation as good or bad, just feel. Just acknowledge what it is. And in this case, it is just a sensation. Your body is trying to help you heal. Your body is giving you signals so that these sensations don’t become something louder.

I like to compare it to a smoke detector. The alarm on the smoke detector only tells us that there is a fire. It doesn’t tell us where the fire is. It also doesn’t tell us how big of a fire we are dealing with . Is it a burning pizza in the oven or is the entire house on fire.

So with pain, we can think similarly . We feel the pain (smoke detector) but we need to search to find the pain.  This is where feeling under the pain can help us to solve that mystery.

So instead of just dampening down the signal, or ignoring it all together, we would be better off finding the pain. Listen to your body’s messages. Investigate where you feel the pain, but maybe consider that the pain is stemming from somewhere else on the body. That is not uncommon. How often have you gone to see an MD, chiro, or PT with "neck or back" pain. The MD writes a prescription for your "neck or back" pain. You go to a practitioner who works on your "neck or back", discharges you, then you realize that your symptoms in your "neck or back" haven't gone away. It's highly possible that where your symptoms are, isn't where the actual pain is coming from. As Myofascial Therapists we not only treat your symptomatic areas, we look for the cause of your pain and treat those areas as well so you can get Authentic Healing, long lasting pain relief & even trauma healing


Take a chance on a few John Barnes Myofascial Release sessions....your body will thank you!

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