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Have Persistent Pain?

When is it going to go away?

Are you still struggling to get in and out of the car, or up and down stairs?

Does the throbbing pain in your lower back make it hard to stand upright? How about your shoulder and neck pain from sitting at your desk all day?

How long has it been?

Weeks? Months? YEARS??

And it’s not like you haven’t tried to get better!

The pills… the physical therapy… going to the chiropractor and/or acupuncturist.... the “modified duty” at work…the MRIs…

And none of them have gotten you the long lasting relief you've been hoping for. If you’re like most people, you’ve already suffered a fair amount from this persistent pain.

And it gets darker. The potential of surgery or permanent disability makes you feel like giving up hope, thinking to yourself, "I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS!"

One of the cruelest things about chronic pain…

… is that others can’t see how much pain you feel.

Your spouse is trying, but their patience is just about gone.

Your boss is probably thinking about replacing you.

Even your doctor seems… sad for you.

Not good!

The healthcare system has failed you…

… NOT the other way around.

The system desperately tries to find the single cause of the problem that would be easy to fix. So often, that just doesn’t work.

And when they do this, they’re ignoring the most underappreciated anatomical system of your body: the connective tissue (aka “myofascial”) system.

It’s what connects, supports, and protects all the many organs and systems of your entire body – left to right, front to back, and head to toe. It literally connects the spine and all your nerves, muscles, and joints together.

Restrictions in one area of your body can create immense physical pressure on sensitive nerves and joints in other distant areas that you wouldn't think have any connection to where you're feeling the pain....but it does!

Restrictions are created naturally by your body to protect itself when there is physical trauma, emotional stress, injury, surgery, repetitive strain, or poor posture. If the restrictions are not later released, they tighten more and more over time.

This causes pain and dysfunction at the cellular, anatomic, and systemic levels, affecting your entire body.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

Let’s do something (or many things) different.

We will find and release enough restrictions to reduce or eliminate your pain and other symptoms.

We will also look at many other factors, like your posture and movement habits, the fit of your work equipment or work environment, lifestyle patterns, exercise habits and techniques, and stress factors.

The more factors and causes of your symptoms we can account for, the better success you will enjoy.

In our treatment sessions, we will do hands-on techniques to make positive structural changes in your body. For the more deeply embedded restriction patterns, we develop customized self-treatment techniques you can do at home daily.

We will also develop alternate ways of performing certain physical tasks that are more friendly to your body and long-term health.

You don’t deserve this. It’s time…

It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of how your symptoms actually originated… and how to prevent them in the future.

It’s time to move again…

It’s time to LIVE again!

It’s time to get out of this pain prison!

Let me help. Call me today for your free consultation, and let’s get started!


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