Get better sleep and less brain fog by receiving Myofascial Release!

Updated: Nov 7

In today's world, most of us find ourselves stuck in one mode: always on. We're working more hours, sleeping less, and communicating through text, email, and social media on a seemingly nonstop basis. But just as we require sleep at night, we also require some downtime during the day. If you were to operate a car, a power tool, or any mechanical device for long periods of time without a break to cool down and perform maintenance, it would shudder to a stop and cease to function.

We need to follow the same maintenance schedule, because the stress caused by sensory overload won't just ruin your day—it can also ruin your health in countless ways.

Clients come to me for pain relief but they usually find that as we begin releasing the long held restrictions in their body that they begin to feel other effects. Better sleep. More grounded. Less brain fog. Calmer. More balanced within their body.

Your health has to do with more than just your physical body.

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