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I've Got Back Pain.....What Now? Come to Dynamic Myofascial Release to relieve your pain!

Updated: Feb 15

Treating where it hurts is a logical start, but the magic happens when you look at the bigger picture.

I can’t count how many times someone has come to me for back pain and as I press on their abdomen they say, “Whoooaaa! Why does that hurt so much?! Hey! I feel that in my back.”

I’m not someone you come to once a month to have your ‘knots’ rubbed out in your upper back, only for them to keep coming back.

I’m a “Let’s find out why you keep getting ‘knots’ in your upper back and work on that” therapist. Often where the cause of your pain is, is not necessarily where your symptoms are. By looking at your entire body and not just one body part in traditional therapies, we are able to be the sleuth to find the cause of your pain and treat that area, and in turn decrease or eliminate your pain!

If you’re tired of chasing symptoms and ready to make a change, let’s work together. You can schedule your appointment here:

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